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गुणवत्ता सुधार योजनेअंतर्गत केंद्रिय पध्दतीने हिशेब तपासणी शिबिर रद्द केल्याबाबत.3/18/2020QIP Camp Circular Cancelled 18.3.2020
Circular regarding Postponed of Examination due to corona virus.3/17/2020Exam postpond note_17.032020
Precautions to Be undertaken with respect to CORONA virus at the time of Exam.3/14/2020297 (b)_14.032020
Circular regarding postponement of Workshop/Conferences etc.3/14/2020Postponment of workshop_conf (1)
List of the Colleges / Institutes of Pune City for QIP Central Audit Camp Date 26/03/2020.3/11/2020Pune City 26.03.2020_11.032020
List of the Colleges /  Institutes of Pune Rural & Pune City for QIP Central Audit Camp Date 27/03/2020.3/11/2020Pune Rural 27.03.2020_11.032020
B.A. 2008 & 2013 Pattern Seating Arrangement March 2020.3/11/2020B.A. 2008-2013 Pattern Seating Arrangement March 2020_09.032020
Additional Seating Arrangement B.A. 2013 Pattern March 2020.3/11/2020Additional Seating Arrangement_11.032020
Notification F.Y.B.A. 2019 pattern.3/11/2020F.Y.B.A. Notification_11.032020
Circular Regarding Q.I.P. 2019-20 Audit Camp.3/6/2020Q.I.P. 2019-20 Audit Camp PLDVP Circular_06.032020
Revised letter Regarding Exam fee and other fees of examinations handed over to colleges.3/6/2020Exam Fees - 243_06.032020
S.Y.B.Sc./T.Y.B.Sc. Biotech 2013 Pattern Practical Exam.3/5/2020S.Y.T.Y.B.Sc Biotech Practical Exam_05.032020
QIP Camp Schedule March 2020 & Check lists.3/5/2020QIP Camp Date-Check List 2019-20_05.032020
Regarding Oct/Nov. 2019 Exam Remuneration bills.3/4/202004.03.2020 Finance_04.032020
Letter regarding Students Problems solved at college level.3/3/202003.03.2020_03.032020
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