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MSc.(C.S.) Practical Time-Table of All Colleges in Pune District for MSc.(C.S.)-I, Sem.-II, April 20174/20/2017Regarding M Sc Computer Science Sem II (CS -- 204) timetable April - 2017 Pune Dist 20-4-17
MBA Project Vica-voce April-2017.4/18/2017MBA 2017 PROJECT VIVA-18-4-17
LL.M External Seating Arrangement May. 20174/18/2017Seating Arrangement May, 2017-18-4-17
Seating Arrangement for B. Ed. & M. Ed. Exam. April / May 2017.4/18/2017508-18-4-17
MSc Computer Science Practical Exam Time Table Nashik April-20174/17/2017Nashik_MSc_CS_Pract_Apr2017-17-4-17
MBA,MCA,MCM,MPM,MMM Project Viva April 2017.4/13/2017MBA,MCA,MCM,MPM,MMM Project Viva April 2017-13-4-17
M.Com. M.C.A. Commerce Apr/May 2017 Exam practical/project time table4/13/2017timetable for apr 2017-13-4-17
NOTICE OF MEETING ( M.Sc., M.Tech & M.C.A. Science )4/10/2017NOTICE OF MEETING APRIL 2017 EXAM_10_04_2017
AISHE 2016-17 Final Reminder4/10/2017AISHE 2016-17 Final Reminder_10_04_2017
Principals/Directors Workshop on University Act - 12/04/20174/8/2017Principals-Directors Workshop on University Act - 12.04.2017-8-4-17
Regarding MSc.(C.S.) Practical Time-Table of Ahmednagar District for Sem I, Sem.-II, April 20174/7/2017MSc.(C.S.)-I, SEM-II PRACTCAL TIME-TABLE _ALL COLLEGES IN AHMEDNAGAR DISTRICT_APRIL 2017-7-4-17
Examination of First Year B.A.LL.B. (Sem. I  & II) & First Year LL.B. (Sem. I  & II) Courses of student admitted in academic 2016-2017.4/7/2017Exam-Coord-441-7-4-17
M.Lib.I.Sc. Practical Exam Time-table April - 20174/5/2017M.Lib.I.Sc. Practical Exam Time-table April- 2017 Exam-5-4-17
B.Pharmacy Practical Circular April 20174/5/2017IMG-5-4-17
All Law Diploma's CAP collection letter April, 20173/29/2017Law Dip. cap collection letter April 2017-29-3-17
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