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Tender Notice No. 09 (Street Lights).Tender Notice No. 9_20.0920199/20/2019
Tender Notice 529.Notice 140919_14.0920199/14/2019
Tender Notice No. 07 (Auditorium).Auditorium notice_04.0820199/4/2019
 Tender Notice No. 08 (Geology).Geology Second Call Notice_04.0820199/4/2019
Tender Notice for Real Time PCR with Accessories.Real time PCR_20.0820198/20/2019
Quotation Notice No. 5.Quotation Notice No.5_01.0820198/1/2019
Tender notice 30.07.19.Notice 300719_30.0720197/30/2019
Quotation Notice No. 4.Quotation Notice No. 4_24.0720197/24/2019
E-tender notice no. 5 (Food Mall).Tender No. No. 5 Food Mall_22.0720197/22/2019