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Quotation  Notice No. 860.quotation Notice No. 860_16.0120201/16/2020
Shuddhipatrak of Quotation Notice No. 08.Shuddhipatrak_09.0120201/9/2020
Quotation Notice No. 08.Quotation Notice No.08_07.0120201/7/2020
Quotation notice no. 835.Quotation notice no. 8351/2/2020
RFP for Online LMSRFPforOnlineLMS_16.12201912/16/2019
RFP for Online Soft Skill Development Learning Content Module.RFPforOnlineSoftSkillDevelopmentLearningContentModule_16.12201912/16/2019
Quotation Notice of Bioinformatics Centre for Decktop PCs.Bioin-2019-458, dated 11.12.20190001_11.12.201912/11/2019
Notice of expression  of interest  for Food Mall.expression of interest_04.12201912/4/2019
Quotation Notice No. 728.Quotation Notice No. 728_21.11201911/21/2019
Quotation Notice No. 696.Quotation Notice No. 696_15.11201911/15/2019
Quotation Notice No. 7.Quotation notice no. 7_14.11201911/14/2019
Quotation Notice No. 1.Quotation notice no 06_09.11201911/9/2019
Tender notice for 'Live Cell Imaging System with Accessories.Tender notice for LCI_07.11201911/7/2019
Tender notice for Inverted Fluorescence Microscope with Camera and Accessories.Tender notice for Fluorescence_07.11201911/7/2019
Tender Notice No. 07 (Chain Link).n1__16.10201910/16/2019
Tender Notice No. 09 (Street Lights).Tender Notice No. 9_20.0920199/20/2019