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Tender of Answer Book .E-Tender Document 1_150920239/15/2023
To appoint IT Software Service provider for Design, Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance of the Online Verification, Attestation & Transcript System. E Tender_090920239/9/2023
Corrigendum for various furniture.corrigendum for furniture work_310820238/31/2023
Quotation Notice No. 661 . Dated 21/08/2023.2941454233 (1)_220820238/22/2023
Circular 185 regarding main gate work.20230818105053_180820238/18/2023
Quotation Notice No. 247 . Dated 01/08/2023.NIT WATER P 2ND_020820238/2/2023
Quotation Notice No. 234.20230727123719_010820238/1/2023
Quotation Notice No. 597 . Dated 01/08/2023.nit safe_010820238/1/2023
Corrigendum.corri battery_010820238/1/2023
Quotation Notice No. 577.nit 250722023_250720237/25/2023
Tender notice no. 2.tender notice no. 2 july_240720237/24/2023
Quotation Notice No. 186.Quotation Notice No. 186_070720237/7/2023