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Quotation Notice For SET Guest House.Quotation Notice For SET Guest House_10.0820188/10/2018
Tender Notice for HPLC-MS Purchase_Advt. No. 52_Dept. of Biotechnology_SPPU.Tender Notice for HPLC-MS Purchase_Advt. No. 52_Dept. of Biotechnology_SPPU_02.0820188/2/2018
Etender Quotation No. 456.Quatation-No.-456-dt.-02-Aug-2018_02.0820188/2/2018
E-Tender information for High resolution Q-TOP MS/MS mass spectrometry system to be purchased in Botany dept. ,S.P.P.U.LC-Q-TOF_MS_quotation inquiry letter_Botany_31.07.2018_01.0820188/1/2018
E-tender Notice No. 430e tender notice 430 dt. 27 July 2018_27.0720187/27/2018
Regarding Quotation for the work of electrification of workshop of Bamboo Research & Training Center...quotation Notice_26.0720187/26/2018
Quotation for the work of Fitting of A/C, Geezer and Exhaust at SET Guest House.darpatrak suchana_25.0720187/25/2018
Etender Notice No. 364New e tender notice no.364_050720187/5/2018
Etender Notice No. 283etender notice No. 283_22.0620186/22/2018
Students Insurance Letter.Students Insurance letter_15.0620186/15/2018
Etender Notice No. 285etender notice No.285_15.0620186/15/2018
Etender Notice No. 234etender notice 234 _ 28.05.2018_01.0620186/1/2018
Etender Notice No. 206.etender notice no.206_25.0520185/25/2018
Corrigendum Notice No. 04 Applications invited for various Architects and Consultants.Corrigendum (Notice No. 4) Application invited for various Architect-Cunsultants_18.0520185/18/2018
Short E-Tender Notice (Second Call).shortetender_09.0520185/9/2018