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Invitation for presentation of TGA-DTA-DSC instrument on 7th September 2017TMDSCTGA001_6920179/6/2017
'Quotation Notice’ for purchasing Branded Server Systems.bioin_6920179/6/2017
Re-Tender for the Supply  of 60 GSM White Printing PaperRe-e-Tender for 60 GSM White Printing Paper_31820178/31/2017
Tender for water contact angle meter purchaseWCA_adv8/29/2017
Invitation for the presentation  to the manufacturers/vendors/suppliers of the TGA-DTA-DSC instrumentTechMeetNoticeFlash_26_820178/26/2017
Supply of 60 GSM White Printing Papere-Tender Document_Press_21-8-178/21/2017
Tender Notice No. 408tender notice 408_8-8-178/8/2017
Quotation Notice No. 410Quotation Notice No. 410_4-8-178/4/2017
Tender Notice No. 380tender notice 380_4-8-178/4/2017
Tender of Anwserbooknit July 17_26-7-177/26/2017
Quotation Notice No. 366Quotation Notice No. 366 dt. 26.07.2017_26-7-177/26/2017
Notice Inviting Tender to Procure X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) with Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) attachmentNIT_XPS_UPS_18-7-177/18/2017
Tender AdvertisementPrasidhi Patrak_10-7-177/10/2017
INVERTED TRINOCULAR MICROSCOPE- Bioinformatics CentreBioin-2017-2018-118, dated 20.6.20170001_20-6-176/20/2017
CO2 Incubator”- Bioinformatics CentreBioin-2017-2018-119, dated 20.6.20170001_20-6-176/20/2017
Vehicle Tender on dated 16/06/2017roundcube _16_6_20176/16/2017
Quotation Notice No. 221Quotation Notice No. 221_16_06_20176/16/2017
Tender noticeNIT No. 2_6-6-176/6/2017