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Quotation Notice No. 994Quotation Notice No. 994_06.02201082/6/2018
Tender Ref. No. (2017-18/UoP/Estate/EEP/12 & 13).Tender Notice No.4_020220182/2/2018
Quotation Notice No. 985.Quotation Notice No. 985_01.022082/1/2018
Corrigendum - 2 of Quotation Notice No. 841.Corrigendum 2 (Quotation No. 841)_25.0120181/25/2018
Quotation Notice No. 929.Quotation Notice No. 929_23.0120181/23/2018
Corrigendum of Quotation Notice No. 841.Corrigendum (Quotation No. 841)_22.0120181/22/2018
e-Tender notice no. 890.etender notice no. 890_20.0120181/20/2018
TENDOR NOTICE FROM IBB.4_08.0120181/8/2018
Quotation Notice No. 841.Quotation Notice No. 841_05.0120181/5/2018
Quotation Notice No-8.Quatation Notice.08_04.0120181/4/2018
Tender for TGA-DTA-DSC Instrument.Tender TGADTADSC_04.0120181/4/2018
Tender Notice No. 805.tender notice 805_03.0120181/3/2018
Tender Notice No. 815.etender notice no. 815_03.0120181/3/2018
Mono Color Digital Printing Machine.Tender Notice_Fourth Call_28.12201712/28/2017
Correction in the Quotation Notice.corrigendum 001_26.12201712/26/2017
Tender for PPMS,ICPMS-LA,HPLC-MS20171226201616_26.12201712/26/2017
Quotation notice.tender notice_2212201712/22/2017
Corrigendum - regarding extension of quotation submission date.Scan 1_19.12201712/19/2017
Corrigendum - regarding extension of quotation submission date.Corrigendum1_13.12201712/13/2017
 Mono Color Digital Printing MachineMono Color Digital Printing Machine_e-Tender_05.12201712/5/2017
Quotation Notice No. 707"Quotation Notice No. 707_05.12201712/5/2017